Do you know what are the most common concerns that people tell me before photo sessions? They are afraid they will look bad on the photos, they won't feel comfotable, they will not like the pictures and eventually they will feel bad with themselves.
Sounds familiar? I must say that I was at that point. I was so much against photo shootings that I even wanted to resign from having a photographer on my own wedding. I know, it was crazy, but luckily I got one.
So what has changed my attitude? When I got deeper into photography and when I spoke to my fellow photographers I finally understood the importance of angles, light and a good eye. Most of our fears come from photographies that were randomly taken, often capturing us in undesirable poses and gestures. When you meet with a professional who knows how to work with light and who gives you little tips, for exaple to rise your chin a little bit, it completely changes the game and I assure you, you will want more!
I am sorry for this longer digression, but I felt like this was an important thing to emphasise.

Meet Sumayya who met with me last summer as she hadn't had too many photos of herself. Again, we were walking across Marina and chatting meanwhile stopping from time to time to get pictures what she was hoping for.
I hope you like it. If you want to see more ...
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