Choosing your photographer is a very important thing, and believe it or not, but has a huge influence on the final look of the photos. If you are attracted by candid and authentic shots you have to know that there is something more behind it. In order to create these beautiful, emotional and storytelling frames you need to open yourself, your homes and share your stories with a photographer. This is why it is so important to choose the right person, create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere that will allow you to feel comfortable, show real emotions and breathe life into photos.

Hi, I am Suli :)
I am girl with a positive mindset and I try to squeeze as much as possible from opportunities that come across my life.
I try to find beauty in everyday life, little moments and nature (I am the happiest being outdoor) as these things have major influence on the overall definition of our happiness.

I value peace and a daily routine, but as a natural adventurer I love trying new things for example sport activities or arts and crafts. Travelling is one of my big passions and I can talk about it a lot! I have already gone through wide range of experiences like hitch-hiking, backpacking, road-trips as well as regular or more luxurious trips.
Privately I am happily married to my Soulmate, my best friend and the biggest supporter. We got married in 2018 in the mountains with no phone coverage at all, surrounded by our family and friends. In 2017 when I was facing a massive burnout, my husband bought me my first camera, a photography course and I totally sank deep into it. Since then I have been constantly devoting all my free time for learning, doing courses, workshops, youtube, talking to other photographers and taking thousands of photos because it just lets me express myself emotionally and aesthetically which I lack in my full time job. I am an engineer by a profession and didn't have guts yet to quit it and chase dreams especially during those last two very difficult years. But who knows what the future brings, this is not my final word!

Since I can remember my parents regularly captured certain moments of our life through a camera and therefore we had a lot of photo albums at home. I am forever grateful for it and totally love going back and forth through the albums to recall moments that we had together in all those past years.
A few years ago, when I moved out and started living on my own I realised that I didn't have any pictures taken of me. That was in the most adventurous and crazy time of my life which is kind of disappointing as some of these memories starts to be fading away.
It is amazing that such small and flat rectangles can be fully filled with wide range of emotions, love, laughter, pride or longing. Our memory is not the most reliable tool, this is why, since 2017 I have been inseparable with my camera capturing daily moments and all I want to remember.
Let me catch Your moments, for You and Your beloved ones.
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