Becoming parents is one of the most beautiful moments in our lives and no doubt this is the moment we want to capture, remember and have a long lasting memory. I met Steven and Rachel when their son Remy was 7 weeks old. We met outdoor in Skidby Mill for the first part of our photoshooting as the weather was great and then moved to their home to capture some of their daily life and the Remi's room.
My suggestion for the photo shooting like this is not to be afraid that your child can be whining or crying. These are unavoidable things and I always have some extra time for the kids to get better and then we can continue taking pictures. I am sure that the moments of feeding or changing a diaper (kept in a intimate form) are also valuable memories and basically all these things are worth capturing if you only want.
Here we have just a couple of pictures from our session as those containing Remy's face has not been published purposefuly as requested by Steven and Rachel to keep him off social media.
I hope you like it. If you want to see more ...
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